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Nature's Fruits Roasted Eggplant delivers the authentic, homemade flavor straight from farm to table. Save yourself time from roasting, smoking, and pureeing the eggplant yourself! Build the flavors to your personal taste to create the perfect spread or dip. This low calorie snack is versatile and flavorful. Add some tahini and garlic for a mutabbal. Layer in some herbs and tomatoes to make a tasty baba ganouj. Enjoy it as a dip or a spread! It's a nutritious pantry staple.


Cuisine INDIAN
Weight 450 GM, 850 GM
Brand Nature's Fruits
Manufacturer Nature's Fruits
Ingredient Type Vegetarian

Allergy Information

Produced in a facility that manufactures Dry Spices, Nuts and Mustard. 


 Eggplant, Sea Salt, Cooking Oil. No Preservatives

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